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Five key points of product quality control of silicon powder price
Edit:Lianyungang Oster Silicon Powder Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2020-06-08

Silicon powder priceIt is a silica powder material processed by natural quartz ore, fused quartz, etc. through multiple processes such as grinding, precision classification, and impurity removal. Among them, grinding is one of the core processes in the production of silicon powder products. Affect its purity, particle size distribution and production cost. To produce silicon powder products with stable quality and high performance, we must strengthen management and control from the following points:

Mill control: It is possible to effectively control the impurity content and increase the service life of the equipment by reasonably selecting the grinding medium material, controlling the medium ratio and filling rate; according to the length-to-diameter ratio of the ball mill, the structure and distribution of the liner, and the particle size of the mill, the ball mill can be adjusted reasonably The rotation speed promotes the material in the grinding cavity to maintain a good state of motion, thereby improving the grinding effect.

Particle shaping: By optimizing process conditions such as equipment operating speed, internal pressure and temperature, material residence time, etc., the regularity of the surface of the silica powder can be improved, and the fluidity of the product can be improved, which is conducive to the application of silica powder in the downstream resin system. Filling, high dispersion.

Mixing and compounding: Unimodal silica powder cannot achieve close packing, it is difficult to meet the high filling requirements of customers when using it, and it cannot exert the excellent performance of silica powder to the limit. One of the ways to increase the filling rate is to mix the silicon micropowder products with different particle size distributions, and form a multimodal distribution through the mixing ratio, which achieves high filling and reduces the oil absorption value of the silicon micropowder.

Surface modification: As an inorganic filler, silicon micropowder has poor compatibility and difficulty in dispersion when mixed with organic resins, resulting in poor heat resistance and moisture resistance of materials such as integrated circuit packaging and substrates, thereby affecting product reliability and stability. In order to improve the problem of interface bonding between microsilica powder and organic polymer materials and improve its application performance, it is generally necessary to modify the surface of microsilica powder.

Control of production conditions: The key to the production of electronic grade silicon powder is to remove the conductive impurities in the quartz. Therefore, in addition to the selection of purer raw materials, in every link of production, the pollution of containers, environment, chemical agents, etc. should be minimized. Strictly operate.

The above are the 5 main points of the quality control of the price of silicon powder that the editor tells you. You can simply understand it. For example, in order to avoid contamination of the material during grinding, the grinding medium used should be non-metallic materials such as alumina ceramics. Ball or silica; the barrel of the mill must also be lined with high-strength wear-resistant materials such as alumina ceramics, silica or polyurethane rubber. If you need to understand the problem of silica powder, you can contact our factory at any time.

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