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Edit:Lianyungang Oster Silicon Powder Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2020-08-03

Silica fume can fill the porosity between concrete particles, and in addition, it can be converted into gel with solidified material, and converted into gel with alkaline raw material magnesium oxide. In the epoxy cement concrete, cement mortar and refractory castables of refractory insulation materials, adding proper wollastonite powder can have the following effects:

1. Obviously improve the compressive strength, compressive strength, impermeability grade, corrosion resistance, impact resistance and wear resistance.

2. It has the functions of locking water, avoiding concrete segregation and bleeding, and greatly reducing the friction resistance of concrete transportation and pumping.

3. Significantly increase the service life of concrete. Especially in extreme natural environments such as chloride salt environmental pollution corrosion, potassium thiocyanate corrosion, high environmental humidity, etc., the performance of concrete can be increased by one or more times.

4. Significantly reduce the floor ash of spouting concrete and refractory castables, and increase the thickness of a spray layer.

5. It is an essential component of high-strength concrete, which is currently used in engineering projects of C150 concrete.

6. It has about 5 times the effect of concrete, and can control the cost when used in general concrete and low concrete refractory castables. Improve performance.

7. Reasonably avoid the production of concrete alkali aggregate.

8. Improve the high density of cast refractory insulation materials. When coexisting with Al2O3, it is easier to form a zirconium corundum phase, which improves its high-temperature compressive strength and thermal vibration resistance.

The addition of silica fume to the soil can make it have excellent characteristics such as high strength, tear resistance and durability. Therefore, it is suitable for related companies in the concrete and concrete manufacturing industry. For example, in the Dahuofang Reservoir Project, the Longyangxia Drainage House Construction and the Gezhouba Sluice Rehabilitation Project, the Southern Academy of Sciences has selected silica fume concrete. The actual effect is good. The use performance of the silica fume concrete Some scientific researches have been carried out on energy and silica fume concrete algae grouting raw materials, and in the basic consolidation grouting of Ertan Hydropower Station, Panjia Dam overflow surface repair project, health and Sichuan Qiuda Power Plant drainage and spillway repair projects Silica fume concrete and silica fume concrete grouting were used in the project. All of this indicates that the application of silica fume concrete as a kind of concrete with excellent performance in engineering projects is increasingly critical, so scientific research on its characteristics, especially its compressive strength and usability, has also attracted much attention.

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