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Ultra-high purity quartz sand is made of natural quartz minerals
Edit:Lianyungang Oster Silicon Powder Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2020-05-20

Ultra-high-purity quartz sand is made from natural quartz minerals. Through a series of physical and chemical purification technologies, the produced high-purity non-metallic mineral materials with a particle size of 0.1-0.45mm are widely used in high-end electric light sources, large-scale and super-large Scale integrated circuits, solar cells, optical fibers, lasers, aerospace, military and other fields. From the perspective of the overall supply and demand situation, the general supply and demand of quartz are now balanced, and the demand is slightly better. There is a slight gap in high-quality quartz, and the price of high-purity and ultra-pure quartz is tight. The general quartz, high-quality and even quasi-high-purity quartz produced in my country can be self-sufficient, but high-purity and ultra-high-purity quartz need to be imported.

There are three main reasons:

Due to the limitation of natural quartz raw materials, our country is vast and abundant, but the ultra-high purity quartz raw materials that can be processed and refined are very limited.

The quality requirements are too the same, and some production technologies and equipment can't meet or can't meet the level of production and refinement of high-purity quartz sand.

The production technology is due to the extremely high quality requirements of ultra-high-purity quartz sand, requiring special technical personnel and technology to be able to complete, but now the talents who master this aspect of production technology are limited to a few in the world.

The above-mentioned editor tells us that the ultra-high-purity quartz sand is made of natural quartz deposits. The ultra-high-purity quartz sand is produced in Lianyungang Oersted. For many years, manufacturers who have produced silica powder can contact us for consultation.

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