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"Chemical Method" Spherical Silica Powder: Technology Development Achievements from Silica Sol
Edit:Lianyungang Oster Silicon Powder Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2020-06-10

Spherical silica powder must be the biggest star among them. It can be filled with a high proportion, low expansion coefficient, low friction coefficient, and excellent electrical properties. These characteristics also make it have a great potential to be tapped.

The application fields of spherical silica powder include EMC, high-performance copper clad laminates and other electronic industries. It can also be used as a film opening agent for BOPP, PET, PC, etc., or a multi-purpose additive in coatings, ceramics and other industries, and even lipsticks and foundations in the cosmetics industry. It is indispensable.

The author has limited knowledge. The spherical silica powder I have heard before is mainly the flame fusion method. It is well-known internationally by Nissan Chemical and Yaduma, and domestically known as Lianrui New Materials. Suzhou Nadi combined the sol-gel method with the microemulsion method and successfully developed spherical silica powder with high sphericity rate and high purity. According to the product parameters given by its official website: the purity can reach 99.9999%; the average particle size is controllable from 0.5μm-30μm; the conservative sphericity rate above 95% can actually reach 99.9%; and the uranium content is less than 1ppb, and the radiation is extremely low.

The above is the "chemical method" spherical silica powder that the editor tells you: the technological development achievements from silica sol, a brief description for everyone to understand. The content is provided for your reference. If you need to know about it, you can contact our manufacturer at any time.

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