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Crystalline silicon powder

Crystalline silicon powderCrystalline silicon powder

Crystalline silicon powder

Product Details

Crystalline silicon powder is made of high-grade natural quartz through a unique iron-free grinding process. It is white in color and pure in quality. Crystalline silicon powder can be divided into high-purity crystalline silicon powder, electronic grade crystalline silicon powder and general filler grade crystalline silicon powder. Because of its mature technology, it has stable physical and chemical properties and reasonable and controllable particle size distribution, so its scope of use It is very extensive, such as optical glass, electronic packaging, electrical insulation, paint coating, silicone rubber and other industries.

Main specifications and technical performance:

Product application areas:

The application fields are very wide: copper clad laminates, ink coatings, adhesives, electronic packaging, composite materials, silicone rubber, cosmetics, special ceramics and other industries.

Basic product characteristics:

High purity; high hardness, wear resistance; good electrical insulation; low thermal expansion coefficient; very stable chemical properties: excellent acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, and does not react with any other substances except hydrofluoric acid

Our company is a professional manufacturer with affordable silicon powder and high purity. Crystalline silicon powder can be divided into specifications based on the following characteristics and matched according to customer requirements:

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